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General information

Forstau Tourist Association

The Tourist Association Forstau in Pongau allocates rooms along with taxi and excursion destination information free of charge. Bank machine in the town. The prices quoted depend on guest requirements with regard to the location, size and room furnishings and are per person and Tay in EUROs.  

There is a surcharge per person for short stays of one or two nights.

Single room supplement! Discounts for children on request! Public library in the town.

Guidelines for room cancellations (Austrian hotel contract conditions)
  1. Until 3 months before the guest’s agreed arrival day the accommodation contract can be cancelled without cancellation fees having to be paid by either contractual partner, by a unilateral declaration.
  2. Up to one month before the guest’s agreed arrival day the accommodation contract can be cancelled by either contractual party by unilateral declaration, however a cancellation fee of three days of the room price is to be paid.
  3. The accommodation provider has the right to withdraw from the contract in the event that the guest does not arrive by 6 p.m. on the day agreed, unless a later arrival time has been agreed upon.
  4. If the guest has paid a deposit the room (s) remain(s) reserved until midday of the following day at the latest.
  5. If the guest does not take up the rooms or guesthouse service ordered the accommodation provider is entitled to receive payment of the agreed amount. However the accommodation provider must deduct what they have saved from the non-use of services, or what they have received by letting the room reserved to another party. From experience in most cases savings resulting from non-use of services amount to 20 percent of the room price and 30 percent of the board price.
  6. The accommodation provider is to do their best to let out the rooms which have not been taken, as outlined in (§ 1107 Austrian Hotel Terms and Conditions).

Cancellation conditions as per the Austrian hotel regulations apply. Please click here for further information.

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