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Ramsau, Dachstein

Sights around Forstau

Silberkarklamm in Ramsau at the Dachstein:

Go past the Lodenwalke in Ramsau to get to the car park at Silberkar Gorge. After the toll lodge lots of well secured ladders and foot bridges along the wild and romantic Silberbach can be used, so you can negotiate the monumental boulders at Schleier Waterfalls.

The gorge at Silberklar

The gorge opens up at the Silberkar where the managed Silberkar lodge is located. It takes around an hour to walk from the car park to Silberkar lodge, covering an altitude difference of some 150m.

The vegetation, which is known for its rare Alpine flowers, is notable throughout the summer but is at its best in spring.

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