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Hiking opportunities in Forstau

A huge selection for hiking fans

Hiking in Forstau
Circuit hiking trail from Fallhausalm and Vögeialm via Klamml to Oberhütte am See

From Forstau town centre you travel via the toll-free road which is around 11 km in length toward Forstau-Winkl to the managed Alpine lodges of Fallhausalm and Vögeialm in the valley head. From here the route runs in a southerly direction via Klamml, then climbs and goes past the picturesque location of Klammlsee up to Seekarscharte (2000m), where you proceed along the Tauern high altitude path via  Oberhüttensattel to Oberhütte am See.

To descend either head along a somewhat steeper path along Oberhüttenbach or via the longer, only trail back to the starting point which has just a slight descent. Allow around 4 hours for this medium-level hiking route.

Hiking in Forstau
Hiking trail to Fageralmen

From Forstau town centre you hike for around 500m along a rural road toward Radstadt and turn off before Schreinbach bridge heading south on the Rotenloch forest trail. This route goes slightly uphill through Heideggwald and across damp forest floors on a short forest trail in open Alpine pastureland - the Vorderfager - to Lechnerhütte (1610m). From there you either continuing hiking along  the road or along the hiking trail to Berggasthof Trinkeralm (1885m) while enjoying the superb mountain panorama of the Dachstein massif.

From Trinkeralm there is a variety of easy hikes in the unspoiled mountainscape, for instance the Trinkeralm circuit hike, which takes around 45 minutes. The entire hike to Berggasthof Trinkeralm is an easy hiking route and takes around 2.5 hours to walk.

Hiking in Forstau
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Hiking trail on the Reiteralm

From Forstau town centre the trail heads to Lourdes Chapel (end of the 19th century) past the saw works in a south-easterly direction up via the Oberberg trail, to Bergbauernhof Hohenwald, one of the highest lying mountain farmsteads in Salzburg at 1375 metres.

The path now changes to become a narrow trail which climbs slightly, proceeding through Buckelwald to Eiskarhütte, and continuing to Gasselhöhhütte. A somewhat steeper climb takes you to Gasselhöhe (2001 m), the first summit of this route. On a ridge hike of around 2 km which has impressive high mountain ranges you finally get to the 2126 metre Rippetegg, which is the actual destination of this hike.

On the return journey you can either follow the same path or the slightly steeper descent to the 5 Gassel Lakes (unique reflections of the mountains). You should allow around 6 hours for this easy to moderate hiking route.

Hiking in Forstau
Kneipp path and healing herbal educational trail

The Bachweg trail is not just a lovely path to hike and walk on in Forstau, it also has a Kneipp path with various Kneipp stations and is an extremely interesting and informative herbal educational trail.

Ingrid Voithofer (Vice President of the Kneipp Association Austria) has given the Kneipp path the title of the 'most beautiful natural Kneipp path in Austria'. We thank the path creator, Mr Leonhard Ortner Sen. for his commitment!

The Bachweg trail runs from Forstau town centre, past the romantic 'Lourdes Chapel' and along the Forstauwinkl-Bach to Dachsteinblick youth hostel (total length around 3 km).

You can either hike back on the same path or head from the youth hostel via Winkl Road and the Himmelreichweg trail to Forstau again. (total length around 6 km)

TIP: The Bachweg is illuminated in wintertime from 5.00pm until 10.30pm.

Hiking in Forstau
Hiking in Forstau with Forsti
Along the Panorama- and Auwaldpath is Forsti´s Fitnesspath!

12 fitness-stations with a lenght of 2,7 km are funny for old and young and keep in shape!
Balance, tyres-run, situps, press-ups, step-run, forest-bed, pole-run, backtrainer, slackline, hand over hand and slalom-jump!
3 difficulties make sure that all age groups can do Forsti´s Fitnesspath!

Forsti – the hiking-gnome with his helpers will accompany you!

We wish you all the best when doing the fitness-path!

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