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A huge range of offers

There are plenty of opportunities to go horse-riding and riding trails in Forstau and the surrounding area.  One special offer in the region is the Dachstein Tauern ride in the Salzburg’s sporting realm. This is a riding network which covers more than 200 km, from 850 to 2000 metres altitude.

The variety on offer in the Pongau mountainscape with a panoramic view of the Tauern pass which is beyond compare and of the Dachstein massif with the Bischofsmütze provides horse-lovers with a wide range of variants and difficulty levels for trail riding. From level paths where you can gallop in Oberen Ennstal to the Radstädter Tauernpass, at the foot of the Bischofsmütze, or along the mighty Dachsteinmassif – just experience the variety of trail riding on offer! Well signposted riding routes and a variety of places for refreshments and to stay overnight guarantees guests a complete riding experience from 1st May until end November.

Riding trails in Forstau
Riding in summer in Forstau
Eibenberg trail

One of the loveliest rides, ideal for beginners, goes from Brandstätthof to Oberstein and Brandscharte, continuing at a canter via the Eibenberg trail to Totenstein; galloping through the wonderful Auwald past Langeggteich and back to Brandstätthof.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Riding in summer in Forstau
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Steinwander trail

From the Auwaldweg trail you ride in step steeply uphill to the Steinwand, continuing in step via the Fagerweg to Prembauer and Radstadt, and then a gallop across the Ennsweg trail. Then at a leisurely pace in step via Heimelscharte to Totenstein and the Eibenberg trail, back again to Forstau at a light canter.

Duration: half-day ride

Riding in summer in Forstau
Fallhausalm – Vögeialm

Through the lovely town at a leisurely pace past the parish church in the Forstau Winkl. Riding in step for the first 4 kilometres on a tarmac road. From Farmaubauer the route is then on a forest trail, alternating in step, cantering and galloping to Fallhausalm and Vögeialm. After a leisurely stop-off and a traditional snack at the Vögeialm it’s then back to Forstau.

Duration: day ride

Oberhüte am See

The 2-day ride in Forstau- Winkl with an overnight stay in an Alpine lodge around 11 km from the centre of Forstau is a special adventure. The route takes you via Fallhausalm, to Vögeialm and at a leisurely pace in step up to Oberhütte am See (1860m), where you can really enjoy the panorama. After a rest on the sun terracee at Oberhütte you then  head back to Forstau.

Duration: 2 days

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