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Programme of children’s events

Never a dull moment in Forstau!

There are lots of opportunities for children to have an exciting holiday in Forstau in the summer.

You can find all riding stables in the near distance of Forstau under:




Children program in Forstau

During the day circuit hikes you learn a lot about the area around Forstau. He tells you about the rare mountain flowers which grow here and shows you the mountains and  the natural surroundings. ... and if you are really lucky and it’s very quiet you might even see a chamois.

Children program in Forstau

The Bachweg trail is not just a lovely path to hike and walk on in Forstau, it also has a kneipp path with various Kneipp stations. For kids this is a great experience. The stations turn you walk to an adventure-hike! 

and additional the Bachweg has an extremely interesting and informative herbal educational trail where even kids can learn a lot! HAVE FUN!!

Children program in Forstau
"Forsti´s Fitnessweg"

Our Mascot- „Forsti, der Wanderzwerg“ - built a great fitness-trail! Along a beautiful hiking-path (2,7 km lenght) all kids, parents, grandmas, grandpas and friends find 12 fitness-stations, which are described by "Forsti" and its friends! The trail takes you from the center of Forstau over the Panoramaweg to the Auwaldweg and back to Forstau.
Balancing, tyres-run, situps, stair-run, back-trainer, slalom-jump and much more is waiting for you! 
3 difficulty-steps make sure that everybody can go through "Forsti´s Fitnesstrial". HAVE FUN!!

„Happy Birthday“
Children program in Forstau with Forsti

All birthday boys and girls aged between 3 and 14 who will be celebrating their birthday during their stay in Forstau, will receive a gift voucher and fantastic surprise gift vouchers!


Forstau Viking gift voucher book with brilliant surprise gift vouchers for all "Viking Kids" aged between 3 and 14, who will be celebrating their birthday during their stay in Forstau.

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