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Salzburg Harvest Festival

... where traditions come to life!

Salzburger harvest festival in Forstau
Harvest festivals from 26.08.-03.11.2019 in over 70 locations!

In more than 70 locations in SalzburgerLand there are 2000 events celebrating traditional customs and handicrafts. In agricultural culture work and celebrations have been closely interwoven with one another for a long time. And where there is a lot of work to be done – like harvest time in autumn – there are also numerous occasions for celebration. There is traditional dancing to genuine folk music and the men and women of Forstau wear their costumes with pride.You are also very welcome to come to our celebrations. As a spectator and – whenever possible – to  take part too!

Further information about Salzburg’s harvest festival available at www.salzburgerland.com


Salzburger harvest festival in Forstau
Salzburg’s harvest festival has a lot of culinary delights on offer!

On the Alpine pastures, in the farms, in the cosy inn snugs and snack stations you will find traditional dishes prepared using fresh-picked and local specialities.

'Knoflkas' and 'Bauerngeselchtes', bacon and aromatic sausages, 'Bratln' and 'Krapfen', 'Kasnockn' and 'Kaspressknödel' – hearty and deliciously Salzburgerish! There are also hikes, bread making, stirring butter and other activities every week.

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